MOW-IN 2011 Brownsville PA.


Well, we got packed up and made it on Wednesday and dumped off the trailers.  I didn't get any pictures once we got there.  Lindey was in a hurry to get to the Motel.


Here's some pictures from when we left.

Got the trailer packed.

Food and drink

Filled here

maxed the weight limit here too

Galen is traveling lite this year.


Here's some picture from setup day.

Too early and nobodys here.

lots of space

We got a great location, unless it rains

Keith from Texas sets up

Then the trailers started arriving

Sam and Sharon from PA brought their machines

And they are some nice ones

Ever see a Commercal 16.5 before?

Nice paint

More nice paint

Got tires?

Not just nice Gravelys here

The hill top gets filled

Vendor area starts to fill up

Galen from AL and Lindey from MD relax for a minute

It's going to take a while to cover all of this

Kevin from PA has lots of stuff

Dave Antram teaches his son how to unload.

Slow does it

The kid did a good job backing a rider with a trailer off of a trailer. Not sure I could do as well.

The store is open

Lot's of nice tractors showing up

It's a good start!


Friday was a good day!  Weather was perfect.  Lot's of people and lot's of tractors.

Notice anything about this 424?

It's a Carroll Steam repower.

Rhittle shows the handy work. Really clean machine

Gravelymay checks it out. He made the adapter

This 106 deck shell is from France

Commercial 16.5. You don't see many of these.

High mount air cleaner and custom fuel tank

5000 type axles

I don't have one.

Yes, that's a 38" blower

A front cart and a steering sulky? You need to know what you are doing to drive this rig!

L display engine

Gravely engined Teramite 1

These are the tractors I bought, but Lindey found out and made me sell them.

nice rake

The ice cream machine

dual geared reduction wheels with extention axles with wheel weights

What a monster!

Dual steel wheels with a scoop


Huh!? It's a Clean Cut 24.

I offered the owner of this rig $10K and he turned me down.

Rear mount trencher with geared reduction wheels. Just over 80 sets of these GRWs were made.

What the heck is this?

Hex axle

Nice estate sprayer

Blitz fogger

Tanks and hand pump

Injection manifold

1985 ProMaster 50

with vacumn system

Just cruzen through

They start them young in PA

just about everything

All colors too

I don't know what this is, but I have to have one.

I think it was made in Kansas.


Sat was the busy day.  So much going on.  Lot's of deals and good people.  Always good to put faces to names or internet handles.


Jim, GTCOA registrar and Craig, GTCOA founder take care of buseness

There were over 80 vendors this year.

The L engine draws a crowd

Wheeling dealing before things even get unloaded

Parade of power, old and less old

Larry shows off his rake

The CleanCut 24 had traffic backed up for miles

Tractors being taped for the dvd

lots of tractors

One highlight and hopefully a tradition

Ice cream made with a Gravely. This year it was pineapple

John from NY unloads a 408 while Galen from AL looks on

What a crew! Galen from AL, John (canadian gravely nut) from Canada, Ron C (arcam8123) from MD, and Harry (wireshaker) from Canada

How many GTCOA members does it take to hang a sign?

I can't count that high

The Young Guns, the next generation Gravely.

Canadian Gravely Nut and Gravely Don

Robin's down to one engine, don't worry, he'll do more.

Guthrie Repower was there.

Guthrie Repower offers repower technology for Kohler and Gravely two wheelers as well as four wheelers.

Son of Chainsaw Enthustist chows down

remember that empty barn

kind of filled up

lots of activity

Gravely concrete saw


There was more to this show than just Gravely's.  These National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association guys play big!  Check these machines out!  I'm sorry, but I don't know what they are.  If you know, let me know, ron at gravelyyard dot com.

Here are some videos made by Steven Turcheck from Homer City Pa  (He's one of the Young Guns)

Gravely clean cut at the mow in - YouTube

Gravely terramite backhoe digging at the 2011 mow in - YouTube

Parade of power saturday at the gravely mow in 8-13-11 - YouTube

Gravely Mow In 2011 - YouTube