MOW-IN 2009 Houston Delaware

Well, another Mow-In has come and gone and another great one goes into the history books.  The setting was great.  The Sam Yoder Farm was a great location.  There was plenty space for everything and the facilities were top notch.  I know that Lindey (and I'm sure all of the other women) really appreciated the fact that they didn't have deal with a porta-potty the whole weekend.  Everybody involved were very helpful and friendly.  A very special thanks to Russell and Mary Ann Yoder for their hard work and attention to details.  From what I could see, everything was flawless.  We had a great time and would go back for a future Mow-In.  In fact, we'll stop by if we are in the neighborhood just to say hi! 

And congratulations to the gentleman in New York that won the raffle tractor.  It was a beautiful Commercial 12 with a 40' deck.  It was restored by Brain Jennings and was so shinny, my camera wouldn't focus on it!  I bet it didn't look that good when was brand new!

One thing I've never seen at a Mow-In before was such a large gathering of the Gravely Widows Society.  (click on Gravely Widows to see their picture, Thanks Rev Phil)  They were in uniform, out in force and they were a force to be reckoned with.  More that one GTCA member found himself standing in the dust, watching his spouse and tractor drive off in the Parade of Power, including me.  They even had their own group picture, and if I can get a copy, I'll post it. 


Swap meet



There's always something going on......

We made it! Sam Yoders Farm!

This is a nice location. Lots of space.

Now to find a space.

Lindey "Pink Boots" helps Galen Suiter setup his table.

Under the big tops, lots of Gravely tractors.

Lots of stuff so far.

Rows of people set out there spare stuff.

with more coming in...

Check out this load. Scoops, some Wisconsin engines, a double rotary plow, and more

Here's my trailer.

Lots of parts and attachments.

Way down there is the show area.

Lots of tractors so far.

Now I've seen everything!

Wow! what's that?

Gravely 800 super long frame tractor. How big of a deck do you think will fit under this one?

It's got some HP.

Need some parts?

Who would you rather buy a part from?

Making money hauling treasure! Delivery service on call!

Gravely Widow on patrol

Gravely Widows break away from the Parade of Power and head for the the Yoder Mall.

There they go, with your credit card!

Power on the run

Opps! Here comes MY credit card!

...and there it goes.....

Almost everything gone, time to go home

Loading up

Tear down is quick

Saying good-bye is not...