The last day of the Mow-in was as much fun as the first.  There is a group photo where all of the participants and their tractors get their picture taken.  Then, there is the Parade of Power.  Everybody that wants to, fires up their tractors and drives around the site.  It's great to see all those machines putting around. 

Some people wondered how good this would be this year, would enough people show up, would the cost of fuel keep people away, was it too far to go?  I'm glad to say that none of those put a dent into the event!  Lot's of people were there, heck there were 175 people at the banquet!  The drive to WV was beautiful and who ever was in charge of the weather, hit one out of the park!  If you were there, you know what I mean, if you weren't, you sure missed a good time.  But don't worry, there is going to be one next year!

The staff of Gravelyyard would like to give a special thanks to Glen Barnes and his team for putting together an unforgettable event!  You made it worth the drive.  And best of all, you introduced a lot of  new people to Gravelys and Gravely people.  I know it was a lot of hard work to do and we thank you very, very much. 

See everyone in Delaware!


Getting some info on a Teramite

Lindey wants one of these things

Galin anounces that Lindey has been named "Sales Associate of of the month".

This trailer was full when I got here!

Lindey and Curtis take a break

Still some stuff left.

Need an after market 106 vertical shaft or a Quick Hitch spike made out of chrome molly?

How about a brand new stump grinder?

Ever wonder how they get the group picture?

The group is pretty big, so you need some altitude to get everybody in it.

Here's the tent area after the group shot.

Tractors and their owners, what a great group!

If you ask me, that push cart is just about the right size for a keg!

Galin lectures on Gravely stuff.

You hang out with this guy for a day and you'll learn 5 years worth of knowledge!

Galin and Jon discuss something.

Between these two guys, there aren't too many questions that can't be answered!

Lindey asks a question that stumped them both! "Where's my commission?"

Need some parts?

Still more parts!

Here's Richards Lawn and Garden. Wow! what a selection.

Here comes the Parade of Power!

One of the many fun things at the mow-in is the parade of Gravelys.

This year, they ran through the swap meet area.

This beauty of a Pro12 looks just like mine! Except my has the standard "rust package".

The sulky came from "Rebel Ron's Used Sulkys". I don't remember it looking that good though.

A real live running Jenkins head Gravely L.

Here comes that keg hauler.

Here come the Teramites!

This one looks brand new!

Yep, it's a Gravely. Made by Hawn.

Ever see a hex axle before? This one runs!

This is the tractor that led to the Ls, Cs, Comms, 500s, 5000s, Pros, and even 400 tractors that we all love.

This is a Super Super! They build them bigger and badder in New Jersey!

You're looking at a 12hp over head valve Gravely engined two wheel walk behind! The best Gravely that Gravely never built! It's a Westchester engine and if Gravely had ever built this tractor, Kohler stock would be worth less today than it is.

All good things must come to an end, so the packing begins.

Sunday afternoon, people start to clear out.

Curtis helps Ron C to strap down his stuff.

When Gravelyyard and Gravelygarage get together, nothing gets done, but they sure can talk Gravelys!

There's the 62 preservation project. It couldn't be in the Parade of Power, nobody wanted to wait for a LI with geared wheels to catch up!

Galin checks to make sure everything is in order.

"Gee Galin, I don't know how your 40" deck got into the back of my truck!"

...and another Mow-In passes into the history books. Everybody I talked too said they had a great time. I did ! My wife did!

We here at the Gravelyyard would like to thank all of the people who made this possible, all of the people who brought tractors, all of the people who brought parts, and all of the people who came to enjoy it all. Thanks for a job well done!