Swap meet.


If you have never been to a Mow-In, one of the big parts is the swap meet area.  Here, people bring all kinds of tractor, attachments, and parts for sale or trade.  Almost any thing you would need.  And some good prices too!


Eairly morning, still some space left. It was filled quickly.

Nice wooden cart.

..and tractors.

...and parts.

How about a Westchester?

Some riders.....

...and some NEW scoops.....

Keith from Texas works on a small engine while Shawn and Brian from PA look on.

Lindey from MD and Galen from Alabama answer questions about L spark plugs.

People were wheeling and dealing!

See what I mean....

They had everything here.

Remember that empty space?

Traffic was heavy.

These Gravely parts were imported all the way from Texas. Man, were they in good condition!