There were some really cool attachments.  Some familiar, some new, some unbelievable!

Rare double bit plow.

I've never seen one of these before.

nedd to clear some leaves?

Car pusher with battery for jumping engines.

What is this? A washing machine?

No, it's an ice cream churn! And it works!

They made ice cream and it was good!

Portable electric starter

another view


Need to move some water?

Here's the pump in action

This looks pretty awsome!

Another pump

Serious chain saw

Peg tooth harow, front mount.

V snow plow

front view

THis can be split in half

rear mount disks

PTO mounted pump?

Drop seeder

another seeder

Very old reel mower.

sickle mower for a model D

First L reel mower.

Wrecker boom with electric winch.

I know about this one. It's used for moving attachments around the Gravelyyard. The boom is a recycled rider snowblade frame, the supports are recycled L handles. It can lift and carry a 50" 3 blade deck or a 44" snowblower.

Restored top hat 50" deck