Well, we finally got to go South for a Gravely get-together.  Bruce Guthrie invited us to the Hinassee Valley Antique Tractor meet in Charleston TN.  Last year a few Gravely people met to have a local Gravely event a little closer to home.  This was the second year and more Gravely people, more tractors and more stuff for sale or swap showed up.  It was a blast!  There were people from as far away as Maryland, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  The setting was perfect, the weather was great and the people were warm  and friendly. 

There were some nice tractors.  An Li with a swiftamatic and geared reduction wheels, more Honda repowered tractors that I have ever seen in one place before, LS tractors, a roof stripper and a LC tractor.  Heck, I even found a home for the worlds most traveled 38" snow blower! 

Well, I'm tired, here are some pictures;


Gutherie's Repower Technology center attracted a lot of attention.

Suiter Enterprises store was step up and in full swing

need parts?

a deck?

an engine?