Here is our garden.  My wife had always dreamed of having a yard that she could plant a garden in.  When we bought this place, her dream came true.  She informed me of her plan and all I could think about was how much work I was going to have to do. 

Mount Airy is a railroad town built on top of Parr's ridge, so our yard is 50% dirt, 50% stone.  I was not looking forward to tilling this stuff.  I figured I would do all of the work, she would lose interest, and we would grow weeds.  So I made a deal with her, I would get the tiller, show her how to use it, and she could till the garden.  I figured that would show me how dedicated she would be.  So I rented a worn out front tiller, showed her how to run it, and let her go.  It was a blast watching that tiller drag her all around the yard.  She gave it heck and got it done.  I knew she was serious.

When I bought my first Gravely 4 wheeler, I told her I could get an attachment that would do the work of the tiller.  She about died when I told her what the front drive kit, the front adapter kit, and the rotary plow cost.  I learned not to discuss parts cost after that.  Then spring came around and she was not looking forward to her third encounter with the rental tiller.  I told her I was going down to till the garden with the Gravely, she said, "yea right"!  I came back 15 minutes later and said it was done.  She didn't believe me.  Later that afternoon she strolled down to the garden and was amazed.  IT WAS DONE!  And better than it ever had been before.

Ever since then, I've been able to get just about all of the Gravely stuff that I want......


Getting the equipment ready

Final oil check, lub and hardware inspection.

Flagship ready

My 1984 8199KT Series II 19hp long frame rider with rear wheel brakes, front drive kit, front adapter kit, quick hitch adapter and new style rotary plow. Just over 900 hours.

Rakes, shovels, and other impliments of destruction.

1969 C with transportation cart. Full of gear. It's not so bad carring stuff down to the garden, but bringing it back up the hill is painful. Go Gravely!

Everything in place.

It's important to have everything in the right position.

Everything ready here.

Postion is important.

Remains of last years garden.

I didn't get any pictures of the 48 L bush hogging the scrub around the old garden.

Welcome to Mount Airy....

Here are the rocks from last years plowing.

8199KT in action.

Hey! Who let that old fart drive my tractor?!?

Smooth sailing!

Yea, dispite the rocks!

The finished product. Minutes of intence effort!

OK, stop laufing! I know some of you are thinking, "Where's the garden?". "That's not worth getting the tractor dirty!" Hey, that's all of the flat land in the whole yard!

Look's bigger here.

There, that view looks bigger.

Fence back up, plants go in.

I did my part, now it's Lindey's turn! She's the gardener.

Done before noon.

Use to take two days. One to get the tiller, fight the tiller, return the tiller, put the fence up. A second to plant. Now we are planting in two hours. Power vs Drugery