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Our garden 2007

Nathyn on his 18G with 44" blower

Snow in Mexico? If it is Mexico New York there is! ...and lots of it! This is 2-2007

Forging ahead!

Nathyn said, "My friend lives up there and he unfortunately broke his Oliver, so the Gravely came to the rescue. I blew a path to his barn."

This takes some technique! ....a set of 6' drift cutters wouldn't hurt either.

"I kept in low gear and 2nd or 3rd. The best approach I found in that much snow was to go about 4 or 5 feet, back up and go again, so the snow on top would fall down, and you would dig deeper the subsequant times...The key was to get down to grade, so you weren't driving on too much snow or you would loose traction and get stuck."

Greetings from Canada!

Snow in Wyoming, sure. But Wyoming in Canada? You bet! Say hello to Harry in Wyoming, Ontario

Go back to where you came from.

Harry's C8 with MA-210 blower has little trouble sending snow back to the clouds.

Not a cloud in the sky, except Harry's.

It's no wonder these things have been dubed "Snow Cannons"

Clean machine

Harry's C8 with MA-210 Feb-2007

Don't think these machines are just for old people! Guys like this keep my faith in todays youth strong!

My name's Travis and I'm 16 years old. Many people find it odd that I'm interested in Gravelys, but I'm proud of it. Living in WV, I am located about 50 miles North of where Model Ls were made in Dunbar. Around here, Gravelys are pretty common. I own three of them, a 1956 LI, a 1974 C8, and the other one is a mixture of a 1949 L and a 1955 LI. The last one is my absolute favorite, also my first Gravely. It sat uncovered for 13 years on the hill above my house. In 2009, my uncle bought a rebuilt 1971 C8 and took the mower off this Gravely for his use. (It belonged to him) After taking the mower, tire chains, and cast iron spacers off, I asked him what he was going to do with it. He told me just to take it, so happily I did. It was really a tough job to get that thing going. I came very close to selling it, but I held out. A carburetor and a Fairbanks magneto did the trick. I would really appreciate it if you would put my picture on your site, because honestly, this thing is my baby.

Here's Travis on his 18th birthday. He's still going Gravely.

Now that's a cake! I wonder if there is any left......