Here's how I have installed the electronic ignition in a Wico magneto.  Mine was purchased from The GravelyGarage.

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Wico ready for transplant.

I have more Wico mags in my fleet than anything else. I believe it is the most common magneto that gravely used. It also works very well with the ingintion module.

Step 1; Remove the screw holding the wires to the points assembly.

When I modify something like this, I like to keep everything as simple as possible, and I'm lazy. I was looking for a way to avoid cuting any wires or filling the mag with a bunch of wire nuts and splices.

Wires are free. Save the screw.

Step 2; Remove the cir-clip that holds on the movable point arm.

Here I remove the movable point arm and spring, but leave the point base.

Here's what it looks like with the point arm removed.

Step 3; Remove the condenser.

Remove the two screws that hold the condenser clamp and condenser inplace. Remove the clamp and condenser.

Here's what it looks like for the installation.

Now, we can install the module. I use the screw hole on the right to mount the module.

Step 4; Mount the module.

Careful here. I used a screw that is 3/8" long. If you use one that's too long, it will interfear with the stuff that is in the back. Make sure the white wire is under the screw as well.

Step 5; Connect the wires.

Using the original screw, (I told you to save it!) connect the blue wire, the kill switch wire and the coil wire to the point base terminal.

Step 6; Put the cover on, you're done.

At this point, the mag should give you a nice blue spark. Put it on a tractor and see what happens.

Blue spark

Ever try to turn a magnito and take a picture of the spark?

A little easier to see.

Now try it in the dark!