Antram's Swap meet 2010

Well, one of the good things about Summer ending is Antram's annual swap meet.  And this year was no exception.  There was the usual case of characters and many new faces as well.  Lot's of tractors, parts and pieces and bargain's galore.  Plenty of old stuff from Model D tractors to G series riders.  Well used parts to new, never before seen parts that Gravely should have made a long time ago. 

As usual, Dave and crew were on their A game.  Dave ordered up a beautiful fall day complete with a light breeze (people who were there are chuckling about now), blue skies and just enough clouds to keep any sunburns at bay.   The temperature was set just right so that nobody, even with all the heavy lifting going on, broke a sweat!  And for those who did not check the Weather Channel before coming, Dave had lot's of sweat shirts to keep everybody warm.

So thanks once again to Dave and his family for the hospitality, good food, warm sweatshirts and over all good time.  Thanks Larry for having the parts I needed and thanks Beaver for the technical advice.  We truly appreciate it!

Antram' Enterprises Somerset PA                          Photo courtesy of ChrisCris


First to arrive!

Well, we weren' the first, but the first to setup.

Might as well get started.

Lindey was not sure anybody was going to show up at this point, but I started setting up anyway.

Worlds most traveled 38" snow blower!

Yes, the 38"'s second Antram's event

Lindey takes a break while setting up.

So the next day, people show up.

The Cogan Iron Worker

Ever wonder how the Cogan Iron worker gets so much done? Well the secret is that there are two of them. That's them on the left.

Need some attachments?

Or a tractor?

Just about anything.


Fat tires?

Rotary plows, 40" decks?

Starter parts, deck parts, intakes?


Rotary plows, dirts shields?

Rims, blades, tires, engine parts?



That's Joe selling juice boxes. He didn't do much business. He said he should have been selling hot chocolate instead.

Just about any thing!

Would you buy a part from this guy?

(...the answer is yes....)

The bottom line is there was just about everything there.

Lots of deals to be had.

From the brand new stuff....

To the well used stuff.

And plenty of advice and wisdom.

And finaly back home!