I just got my Johnny Bucket JR from Johnny Products (www.johnnyproducts.com).  It's a scoop that will fit Gravelys and other tractors.  I got tired of shoveling stuff into the pull behind cart and then trying to dump it where I wanted it.  It's not a high lift, but it's pretty neat.  It has a 250lb lift capacity and about an eight inch ground clearance.  I opted for the power dump feature that allows metered dumping and gives the dumped bucket higher ground clearance and allows the dumped bucket to be used as a dozer to back drag dumped material.  It has a 12vdc linear actuator that is operated by a toggle switch.  I also got the bucket doubler to increase the capacity (I'm planning on moving a lot of mulch) for lighter/fluffier materials.  The JBJR uses Gravely front attachment brackets and comes with an adjustable lift arm so it's very easy to install and remove.

The Tractor

My trusty 1984 8199KT Profesional is going to be the test bed. They will fit 400, 800/8000 and G riders

The base Johnny Bucket Jr.

Here's the bucket without the actuator or bucket doubler in stalled.

Complete unit

Here's the completed unit. Including the tooth bar. It can be removed by pulling two 1/2" bolts.

Back of the bucket

Another front view.

Side view

JBJR goes to work

First job, haul new parts to the Carridge House.

Bucket in the lowered position.

The two removable poles in the front are for carring stuff that's wider than the bucket (42" by the way). Like logs, lumber, limbs, ect.

Here's a view of the bucket in the dump position.

The "Caddy Arms" tilt downward to allow materials to come off easy.