We're staying at the fabulous Randolph Inn (formally know as the Overpass Motel).  The place is new and nice and the staff is first rate.


It's been a very nice day, hot but breezy.  Lot's of Gravelys and some good bargains too;


Lindey welcomes you to Gravelyville!

Free Gravely!

Some luck GTCA member will go home with this tractor. Makes you want to join! So do!

Raffle tractor

Clean cut

Augur atachment

Good traction

D models

backhoe attachment


Westchester with the hood up

Looks just like my collection, with paint...

Looks like a 36"

Buzz saw for that close cut lawn

Looks like mine...well no..

Westchester converted to a walk behind.

Gravely on the move

Richard's Jenkins head L


Power wheel barow

Activity in the tent

Steam tractor

Steam tractor engine

Lindey in K301 King Midget

big hit and miss engine

Steam tractors


Day 2; Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, mud!  ...and a lot of fun!


Gravelyville readys for the raffle

I'm not sure who won the tractor, it wasn't me...

New two wheeler, looked well built

Lindey with the pink boots ready for the rain.

A guy from Minnisota drove in on this LI.

Lindey wants one of these!

Many Gravelys, some needed new homes...

Limited to hauling small parts....

Even small Gravely parts are heavy!

If you can get past the pink boots, note the storm rolling in on the right.

I thought I was going to run home empty!!

Galen's roof stripper without the top piece.

GravelyGarage meets pink boots...

Lindey posing by my next toy.

Almost matches the boots....

Somebody had a D on a trailer with other stuff.

A 1918 almost walk behind.

Hi-speed Deere

Steam Power!!!